Banner Poles & Flag Poles

We offer a wide range of Banner Pole and Flag Pole options.

Banner Poles - 6m or 9m units, single or dual-sided banner as well as wall mounted options available. 

Flag Poles - various wall mounted and standard 6m, 7.5m and 9m ground mounted units available. 

We do offer installation and all PVC banner or Flag Printing

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Banner Poles:

Our banner pole units are available in heights of either 6m or 9m. These units include a double sided, PVC print at 2000mm x 650mm in size. We do offer these banner pole units in a either a single view, or double view options.

We do also offer duel-sided as well as wall mounted units.

Flag Poles:

Flag Poles come in the following sizes 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 12m or 15m ground mounted units. We do also offer wall mounted, flag pole units.

You might also be interested in our Telescopic, Bowing and Sharkfin Banners or our Banner Wall range. Standard PVC Banners can also be mounted via rope and eyelets, if you are not interested in the full Banner Pole installation.  

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Thank you

Thank you Octangle. such swift and friendly service

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Awesome branding

Our banner poles look great outside the shop. Good job and nice installation guys.

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