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We are proud to offer cutting edge LED signage. LED Signage can be split into two main areas, the first we offer is often referred to as backlit. Backlit LED Signs are usually cut out aluminium letters, with LED’s mounted to the back of each letter, to create a ‘Halo Effect’.
The second LED based option we offer would be LED strips used inside light-boxes, often replacing fluorescent tube lighting or in fabricated Perspex letters or shapes.

Main Options:

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Reverse cut out aluminium board

Aluminium backing board with aluminium cut out letters or reverse cut out elements, mounted on pins, with LED backlighting.

3D fabricated letters or light box signs

Fabricated Perspex letters or shape boxes with LED illumination inside.

Fabricated Perspex with LED

Fabricated Perspex letters and logo with LED illumination

Cut out aluminium with perspex

Aluminium cut out sign with perspex backing and LED back-lighting. 

Winston LED Sign

Aluminium letters with LED backlighting 

Aluminium cut out letters with LED backlighting

Anodized aluminium letters with LED backlighting

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