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Backing board signs

To create a truly elegant or classy effect, it’s a great idea to add an aluminium backing plate. This is usually mounted to the wall via aluminium barrel spacers. This in turn creates the floating or three dimensional effect. On top of this, you can do raised aluminium cut out elements, or just cut out vinyl, applied flush. Here again, your aluminium cut out elements can be finished in anodized or brushed aluminium or finished to your corporate pantone colours.

Main Options:

  • Backing plate with vinyl elements
  • Backing plate with raised aluminium letters
  • Reverse cut backing plate

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Raised aluminium letters on backing board

Aluminium backing board with aluminium cut out letters, mounted via pins or 5mm spacers.

Reverse cut out aluminium signs

Aluminium backing board with reverse cut out letters or logo's.

ACM (Aluminium composite material) sign with full colour print.

White ACM sign on white barrel spacers, with full colour vinyl print.

Perspex sheet on aluminium barrel spacers

Vinyl print and cut elements on the front and solid white backing, applied to the back.

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