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Billboard PVC Signage

The most affordable option is to simply attach a tensioning system directly to your wall, roofing or existing frame. This is a lightweight aluminium frame, which uses a tensioning strip to stretch the actual PVC print into place, giving you the final product, as seen in the pictures of previous jobs that have been done. The other option is to simply wrap the PVC print around the square tube frame.

Main Options:

  • Wall mounted
  • Wall mounted with backing frame for rigidity
  • Frame with PVC stretched directly over it
  • Pocket and bar
  • Cable frame

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Extrusion attached to a square tube frame

Similar to the first option but with a square tube frame behind the aluminium extrusion, to give structure more rigidity.

Square tube frame with PVC print wrapped around the frame

PVC print stretched directly over the square tube frame. The PVC material is literally wrapped around the square tube frame.

Freestanding billboard sign

Above frame and extrusion can also be mounted on poles, to give you a freestanding sign.

Pocket and bar system

Mainly for large sign structures.
Cable frame system
Cable frame system
Stretched PVC sign - Spirit-flex
Stretched PVC sign - Spirit-flex extrusion
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