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Custom Fabric Banners

Our custom fabric or cloth banners can be printed single or double sided and are offered with a variety of custom finishing options.

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Custom fabric or cloth banners are printed on a polyester, washable, crease-free fabric. The polyester fabric offers minimal light reflection, unlike PVC vinyl banners. Our dye-sublimated fabric banner prints are high-quality, durable and offer bold, vibrant prints, perfect for repeated, long term use. With multiple display options, completely custom printing, and an aesthetic appeal, these banner are perfect for a range of predominantly indoor uses, including events, in-store displays and retail branding.

We offer 3 main custom fabric banner options:

  • Mini Matte – lightweight polytwill fabric – 1.4m wide.
  • Banner-weave or Ultra-sheen – Heavy fabric, no shine through – 3m wide.
  • Airtex Fabric Mesh – Fence wraps & screens, easy to clean, scratch resistant – 3m wide.

Fabric banner display options

Fabric Banners with Eyelets & Hem 

Eyelets make hanging or attaching your custom fabric banner quick and easy to do. Eyelets can be placed in the 4 corners of a smaller banner or every 30cm or 50cm, depending on the size of your custom fabric or cloth banner. 

Fabric banners with eyelets

Hanging Fabric Banners with Pole & Pockets  

Include poles & pockets with your banner to make it a custom fabric hanging banner. Finished with either a pole at the top and bottom, or a pole and a weighted rod at the bottom. Decorative finials can also be added. These hanging banners can be printed on either fabric or PVC, single or double sided.

Custom fabric hanging banners

Double Sided Fabric Banners

These custom banners are dye sublimated on a silver backed fabric, to prevent shine through, and stitched back to back to make a double sided banner. These double sided fabric banners can be finished with eyelets or poles and pockets, depending on your requirements. 

Double sided fabric banners

Wall Banners 

Fabric banner prints can be mounted onto a collapsable aluminium wall banner frame, making a freestanding media or branded wall that is easy to erect. See more about Wall Banner. Fabric wall banners are all 2.25m high and are available in various widths – 1.5m, 2.25m, 3m, 3,75m, 4.5m as well as a 3m curved unit.

Fabric wall banners units

Fabric Frames 

Aluminium freestanding or wall mounted fabric frames are popular promotional and decorative displays, including fabric banner prints. See more about Fabric Frames.

Custom fabric frame banners

Outdoor Fabric Banners 

Outdoor fabric fence banners or fence wraps are printed in strong and porous fabric, able to withstand windy conditions. Also available in Mesh PVC prints, for added durability. See more about Fence Wraps or fence banners.

Outdoor printed fabric banners

We make use of dye sublimation fabric banner prints in various other banner or branding solutions. Some of the popular fabric banner options include Telescopic and Sharkfin flag banners, printed tablecloths, fabric or cloth pull up banners, pop-up a-frame banners as well as our rigid fabric a-frame options. 

Other fabric banner options

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