PVC Banner Printing

PVC banner printing, also known as vinyl banners, are lightweight, durable and weather resistant making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor advertising. From a basic banner with eyelets to full building wraps, we have the solution. We offer five custom banner printing options:

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We offer banner printing in a variety of materials such as PVC, mesh PVC and fabric banners (both solid or mesh weave). We can print and finish these banners up to any size on our 5 metre wide machines or digital printers.

These banners are printed in full colour using solvent ink, UV printing, Latex or Dye-Sublimation print technologies. We offer different print techniques to suit individual material specifications. All our banners can be ordered complete with hems, eyelets or pole pockets, as per your requirements, included in the price.

PVC, Mesh and Fabric Options

PVC Vinyl Banner

Our most cost-effective banners. PVC Vinyl Banners are durable for indoor and outdoor displays.

  • Cost Effective
  • Solid Flexible PVC
  • Weatherproof

Mesh Perforated PVC Banner

Mesh PVC Banners are ideal for windy condition, as tiny holes in the material allow air to pass through.

  • Wind Resistant
  • High Quality Mesh
  • Weatherproof

Fabric Banner Printing

Fabric banner prints are high quality, vivid and ideal for stage events, displays and being viewed up close.

  • Hardwearing, Vibrant Fabric
  • Lightweight Knitted Fabric
  • Anti-glare

Mesh Fabric Banner

Mesh fabric banner prints are high quality, light-weight and ideal for windy conditions and as a fence banners.

  • Hardwearing, Vibrant Fabric
  • Lightweight Mesh Weave
  • Anti-glare

Banner Finishing Options

PVC Vinyl Banner Printing Options

Full colour, custom banner printing includes various finishing options that make these banners perfect for anything from banner pole or trailer advertising to large stage banners and building wraps. 

  • Square cut (often used in PVC signage with extra bleed)
  • Welded edge with eyelets all round (basic banner)
  • Webbing (re-enforced edging) with eyelets all round (large banners)
  • Pocket sewn in (mostly used in billboard signage)
  • Wind pockets (helps large PVC signs cope with wind)
  • Hanging banner (including rods and finials)

If you are interested in PVC banners you might also consider any of the following banner branding options, A-frame banners, PVC banner poles, fabric frames, freestanding wall banners or custom PVC hanging banners.

Other PVC related branding

We offer a variety of custom signage including PVC and billboard signage, if this is what you require. 

PVC and Billboard Signage

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