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Signage - Design, Manufacture, Supply or Install

Octangle Marketing & Signage has been designing and manufacturing quality custom signs and signage for over 15 years, from our Johannesburg, South Africa based facility. We are a company, passionate about everything to do with signage and offer a variety of indoor and outdoor signs, for both businesses and homes at affordable prices. 

Our broad selection of custom signs and signage solutions provides numerous options for both temporary and permanent signage that will grow your business or enhance your home. From perspex to aluminium boards to full scale shop front or large PVC signs. We look forward to helping you create your customised signs or complete branding solutions, including the professional installation by our crews, in the greater Gauteng area. 

Office & Business Solutions

We offer a wide variety of business signage and branding solutions from window frosting and printed wallpaper to 3D aluminium signs and perspex solutions.

Put simply, our business signage solutions are used to enhance the external or internal look of a building. Whether that is an aluminium or perspex sign on the outside, directional signs, or even the company name and logo in your reception area, business signs help to bring your space to life.

Office & Business Solutions
Outdoor Signage

Outdoor Signage

We can help you choose the perfect outdoor solution for your business, home or event. We design, manufacture and install a variety of outdoor signs, from pole signs to outdoor banners, aluminium or 3D illuminated signs to billboard and shop front signage.

Our outdoor signs for business purposes help you make a great first impression, and are only made using high quality materials.

3D & Illuminated

Create vibrant, attractive displays with 3D illuminated letters. 3D lettering & logos have become an extremely popular indoor & outdoor signage solution with a wide range of design options.

We custom manufacture 3D fabricated perspex (acrylic) box letter signs or architectural letters with or without LED illumination.

Aluminium cut-out letters are another 3D solution and can include LED back-lighting which creates an illuminated drop-shadow or halo effect.

3D & Illuminated
Perspex or Acrylic

Perspex or Acrylic

Showcase your company in a clear & crisp way with our range of perspex signage. Perspex signs, also known as acrylic signs are an excellent choice for a simple yet beautiful and creative look and feel for your office, business, home or professional setting.

Perspex acrylic signs are best suited for indoor applications or covered areas. These sign boards include either full colour or cut-out vinyl branding and are generally mounted via aluminium spacers, to create the 3D or floating effect.

Aluminium Signage

Aluminium signs are perfect for both indoor & outdoor  business branding. These cut-out or custom printed metal signs are extremely durable and offer a sophisticated and trendy look.

We offer a wide variety of custom aluminium or metal solutions, including 3D aluminium cut out letters, backing board signs or aluminium sheet signs, freestanding signs as well as illuminated and Dibond (aluminium composite) options.

Aluminium Signage
Vinyl Signage

Vinyl Signage

We specialise in indoor & outdoor vinyl signs, vinyl printing and cut vinyl. Its limitless creativity & its huge variety of colour options, translucencies & finishes make it perfect for most signage applications.

Printed vinyl is ideal for creating multi-coloured signs, retail signage, displays, outdoor signs, graphics and large stickers, all with a self-adhesive backing. They will stick to almost any smooth, flat surfaces so the possibilities are endless.

Freestanding Signs

Freestanding signs, ground signs, pole signs or pylon signs are detached signs permanently installed in or on the ground and supported by uprights, braces, columns or poles.

We offer a wide range of freestanding business solutions. From basic parking and directional signs to large PVC billboards. These metal structures include either an aluminium, PVC banner or chromadek (metal) fascia with a full colour print.

Freestanding Signs
Residential & Estate

Residential & Estate

Give your property a modern & memorable look with precision-crafted house number or address signs. Decorative residential signs allow you to personalise your home, complex or estate with the address, street number or name.

These custom signs are generally cut from anodised or brushed aluminium or sprayed to your colour preference.  Modern house number signs are extremely durable and the design options are endless.

Window Frosting

Window frosting film or frosted vinyl is used to great effect in many vinyl branding or decorative applications.

Frosted window film can be used to elegantly block out windows, or to create window frosting designs for both residential and business applications.

Glass frosting film gives your windows and doors an opaque look that is both stylish and a great privacy solution.

Window Frosting - Frosted Vinyl Branding
Contra Vision Window Branding

Contra Vision Window Branding

Branded or printed Contra Vision is self-adhesive perforated window film or vinyl that transforms glass into an opportunities for branding or advertising.

It creates privacy and security, solar shading and decorative architectural design opportunities, while retaining excellent see-through characteristic from the inside.

One-way vision graphics are applied to the outside of a window and are visible from the outside only.

Chromadek Boards

Chromadek sign boards are weather-resistant, epoxy coated, galvanised sheet metal signs that can be square cut to size or joined together to form rigid signboards of virtually any size.

Chromadek signs are the most popular and affordable type of rigid metal signage available. Generally used for outdoor solutions these metal signs are cut to size and include a full colour vinyl print or pigmented vinyl cut out elements to achieve your branding requirements.

Chromadek Signage Boards

Shop Front Solutions

Custom made shop front signs are an essential part of advertising for your business.

We design, manufacture & install a variety of shop front signs for indoor & outdoor use.
Our range includes shop fascias, full colour vinyl and contra vision branding up to large PVC banner signs, aluminium cut out logo’s and custom fabricated 3D lettering or illuminated shop front signs.
Shop Front Solutions
PVC & Billboard Solutions

PVC & Billboard Solutions

Whether it’s roadside or part of your facility, outdoor sign boards or printed billboards are highly visible for advertisements and branding applications. The particular type of vinyl used to make billboard ads is technically known as PVC.

These outdoor PVC billboards or large PVC prints can be mounted to the sides of buildings or walls or erected with freestanding structures.

Wallpaper & Wall Art

Take your home or office walls from boring too bold with custom printed wallpaper & wall art.

Transform any space with customised wallpaper and wall murals that are not only stylish, but on-brand.

Our custom printed wallpaper vinyl is printed in full colour and gives you the opportunity to wrap an entire wall or certain areas in the artwork you desire.

Wallpaper & Wall Art
Vehicle Branding

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle graphics allow you to personalise your transportation to match your company’s branding while creating a 24/7 mobile billboard.

Vehicle branding is a highly cost effective way to advertise to a large audience.

Basic vehicle signage usually includes your contact information, your business name and the basics of what you do. We specialise in vinyl signage elements not partial or full wraps.

Fabric Frames

Custom fabric banner frames or tensioned fabric displays offers you bold, vibrant and durable branding for a business or retail environment. 

Our fabric picture frames can be customised to clients’ specifications. The fabric graphics fit into a discreet aluminium frame, to create an eye-catching display or artwork.

Tension fabric frame prints are wrinkle-free and smooth. They naturally absorb light to reduce glare and display a clear brand experience.

Fabric Frames

More about Octangle Signage and FAQ's

Over the last 15+ years we’ve worked with a huge variety of clients across the South Africa, from blue chip companies such as Samsung and the LG, to local businesses, charities and schools. Our in-house team of designers are waiting in the wings to assist you in creating a professional and memorable sign, before handing over to our fantastic production team. As the vast majority of signs are bespoke products, the best way to begin the process is to speak to our team via email or phone.

What are the purposes of signage?

It’s easy to forget just how ubiquitous signs are in our everyday life and yet, sometimes we don’t notice them we truly need them. In general, they serve several common purposes: to promote, identify, provide information, give directions or to raise safety awareness.

Picking the perfect sign

Indoor and outdoor solutions – We believe that anything is possible and will strive to achieve your objectives with our large sign range.

Octangle Marketing & Signage covers a huge range of products and applications which include shop front branding, pavement and pylon signs, health and safety notices, construction site notices or boards as well as advertising signs and freestanding or building mounted billboards.

Signs also play an important part in interior architecture, and are designed to help people find their way through a building, shopping center or office park. Branded notice boards have become a vital part of interior and outdoor signage.

Frequently asked questions: 

What printed sign materials are there?

Self-Adhesive Vinyl & Stickers

Printed Self Adhesive Vinyl is great for both indoor and outdoor graphic displays such as stickers, decals, window branding, and vehicle graphics. Features of our vinyl are its excellent durability, stunning print quality, good dimensional stability, and weather resistance.

Printed Aluminium

Our printed aluminium panels can be cut to any size or shape to create an eye-catching wall or pole mounted sign. Hardwearing when used outside, unique design feature display inside.

Aluminium Composite Material (Dibond)

An incredibly popular signage and print material for many reasons. Eye-catching, durable, and only half the weight of aluminium, ACM panels are both attractive and practical for use in visual merchandising, commercial interiors and exteriors, construction, and fine art applications.

Perspex or Acrylic

Lightweight and easy to mount perspex signs are perfect for businesses or at home. These can be used Indoor & Outdoor to create a stunning art feature or branding showpiece.

Printed ABS Boards or Flexible PVC

Available in large quantities for trade use, our ABS plastic boards can be printed in full-colour and are ideal for use at exhibitions and trade shows. These roll-up wall panels can be easily attached to your exhibition shell scheme, and stored for future events safely in a small space.

Printed Foam Board

Full Colour Printed PVC Foam Boards are available in various thicknesses and create great rigid board prints, ideal for many different applications. 

Printed Correx Board

Correx sheet is used for short-term signage, most commonly known as estate agent signage, referring to the signs placed outside of properties by estate agents but can also be used in larger application. This product is specifically formulated to provide a smooth matt surface to enhance print performance at an affordable price.

Magnetic Sheet

We print directly onto magnetic sheets, ideal for car magnets or any magnetic sheeting you might require. 

What are illuminate signs and what are the options?

A well illuminate sign will help attract customers. An illuminated sign is simply any sign that includes some form of lighting. This can be fluorescent, neon, halogen or LED. These lighting elements can be on, in, around or behind your sign – for example, signs can be back-lit, edge-lit, through-lit, or simply have a spotlight shining on the sign.

LED lighting makes up roughly 60% of all illuminate signage. The main reasons are for its durability, low-energy usage, flexibility as well as versatility. You would normally have only found illuminated signage in retail parks that house night-time businesses, restaurants and entertainment establishments like cinemas and bowling alleys, but now the range of businesses using illuminated signs is vast. They really can work for any business, making it an effective way to showcase your brand. These include event venues, office parks, stadiums, retail shops, fast food outlets, shopping centres bars and nightclubs and many, many more.

You can also use illuminated signage for creative displays other than just external business branding. Some of the most imaginative examples include:

  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Menu Boards for Restaurants and Drive-Thru’s
  • Safety Signage (Fire Exits, Emergency Exits, Lifts and Stairs)
  • Artwork Displays
  • Internal & External Wall-Mounted Displays
  • Back-Lit Poster Displays

Benefits of illuminated signage:

  • Signs are more visible, at night and in shopping or retail centres.
  • Illuminated signs improve your brand perception 
  • They are low maintenance and sustainable (low power usage) 

Does Octangle install signage?

Octangle does more than design, create, and deliver your signs. We also offer expert commercial sign installation to ensure they are seen. The installation of your signs is one of the most important steps of the process. Our team will ensure they are properly installed in areas where people will see your message.

Our sign experts perform an important job in the process; they ensure that your signs are safely and properly installed so that people can see your message.

Some signs are easy to hang yourself, but others can be tricky. Whether they require a ladder or specific tools, the team at Octangle will ensure your signs, banners, and displays are installed in a safe manner. We have all the tools needed to get your signs up and in front of your prospective customers.

What do you offer under your digital printing section?

With our in-house digital printing capabilities, we can print almost any size. This includes products such as PVC Banners, signage, billboards, adhesive vinyl for windows and vehicles, posters, stickers, exhibition printing, banner stands, point of sale signage, and much more. You name it, we can print it. You can place your trust in our high-quality display graphics team, with our latest state-of-the-art printers and fast delivery.

What file type should my logo be in?

To assure the highest quality signs, it is important to have a vector based file of your logo or artwork. .EPS, or .AI files will work best. .PDF can also work well.


Why do some types of signs seem expensive?

Sign costs are directly linked to the nature, level of sophistication and technologies used in the manufacture and installation of any given sign.

From a flat panel sign which, depending on scale, could take a few hours to produce, up to several days, or even weeks, to design, engineer, manufacture and install more advanced sign types.

How big should the letters be on my sign?

This is a very common question, particularly with exterior signs. Fortunately there are tried and tested standards for determining letter height. These standards are shown below. Exceptions should be noted:

  • A sign facing a street with fast traveling traffic should add one inch to the letter height to compensate for the speed potential viewers are travelling.
  • Neighbouring signs should be considered to ensure your sign lettering is not sized noticeably smaller than competing signs.
      • 80mm high letters at 10m distance. 
      • 160mm high letter at 20m distance.
      • 230mm high letter at 30m distance.
      • 300mm high letter at 40m distance.
      • 600mm high letter at 80m distance.
      • 900mm high letter at 100m distance. 

How do I clean my perspex sign?

To clean, use only a mild soap and lukewarm water solution with a clean soft, non abrasive, non- lint cloth. Never use any products with alcohol, bleach, ammonia or any harsh detergent. This will cause splintering and fracturing of the acrylic. Also avoid using any rough scouring material. Rough pads or cloths or dry cloths can cause the dirt you are wiping off to create tiny scratches.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call or contact us via our contact us page here on our website. Either way we’d be happy to chat with you and answer any of your signage questions!

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