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We print and manufacture aluminium fabric frame signage, customised to your business needs. Our expertly made fabric frame signs will enhance your professional image and boost your brand.

Fabric frames offer vibrant, beautiful colours and a softer, more sophisticated appearance. Easier to transport, store and install than traditional signage applications. These are three of the main reasons why more and more businesses and retailers are turning to fabric signage to attract and engage customers.

Illuminated or backlit fabric displays are growing in popularity, giving retail designers and visual merchandisers the ability to create high-impact branding that capture customers’ attention.

Wall mounted fabric displays

Wall mounted fabric frames

Wall mounted Fabric Frames are extremely versatile and can be used as advertising or info walls or in the interior decorating market as decorative displays.

The prints are easy to replace, thus perfect for ever changing promotional campaigns, products or events. You can customise the size of your fabric frame to your exact requirements.

Fabric frames are a great display option as they allow you to insert bespoke fabric graphics or brand visuals that are stretched across the frame, leaving no creases.

Fabric frame options

We offer custom aluminium fabric frames as wall mounted units or single or double sided freestanding units perfect for exhibition environments, remodelling corporate and retail areas.

Fluorescent or LED illumination can be added to both wall and freestanding units, creating bold and vibrant branding solutions.

Fabric Display Options

Fabric Frame Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the Fabric Frame Signage we’ve made and installed in the past

Wall mounted fabric displays
Residential fabric frame displays
Freestanding fabric stands
Custom Cloth banner display
Illuminated fabric frame
Tension fabric frames
Retail fabric frame displays
Fabric display prints
Fabric display branding
Freestanding fabric frame
Freestanding fabric display stands
Graphic display systems
Fabric display frames

You might also be interested in any of the following business branding options, fabric freestanding wall banners, custom printed wallpaper and wall art, general fabric or PVC banners, fabric fence wraps and banners or our other custom fabric banners, including hanging banners. 

Other branding options

Your business might also require some form of corporate and promotional gifts and clothing. Please feel free to browse our extensive catalogue.

Promotional gifts and clothing

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