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Custom Vinyl Stickers

Octangle has been supplying vinyl prints and custom vinyl sticker printing to Johannesburg based businesses for well over 15 years. We offer four main custom sticker options, in a range of finishes and supply options and in the size and shape of your choice.

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Vinyl Options

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Custom vinyl sticker prints look great, apply with ease, and are available in a range of finishes and supply options, in the size and shape of your choice.

Perfect for branding your product, promoting your business, creating vinyl or sticker signage or handing out sticker decals at events. Octangle’s custom vinyl stickers are waterproof and fade resistant for endless applications both indoor and outdoor.

From small custom vinyl sticker orders to large bulk sticker printing, we have you covered. 

Gloss Vinyl Stickers

Gloss vinyl stickers have a high gloss finish and are by far the most popular sticker printing option. From license disk stickers to bumper stickers, product label stickers to vinyl shop front signage, the applications are endless. 

Gloss Vinyl Sticker

Matt Vinyl Stickers

Printed matt vinyl stickers have a smooth, almost satin look and have become a popular replacement to the traditional gloss stickers. These matt stickers are often used as product packaging stickers or labels, especially when the large bulk label printing quantities are not suited to your needs.

Matt Vinyl Stickers

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Clear stickers are printed on a transparent film or vinyl. Clear vinyl stickers are great for labelling bottles and jars. We can also print white only designs as well as full colour stickers including white elements.

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Wall Vinyl Stickers

Custom wall sticker and wall decal printing has become very popular. These high tack or extra-strong adhesive stickers are ideal for ‘difficult to stick’ surfaces and are perfect for wall or even floor decorating purposes. 

Wall Vinyl Stickers

Other Vinyl Sticker Options

We also offer custom vinyl lettering and stickers in pigmented of coloured vinyls, frosted vinyl or window frosting, contra vision or one-way vision as well as printed wallpaper and wall art. 

Other custom vinyl options

Vinyl Signage Options

Feel free to browse our full vinyl signage page showing all the vinyl related signage that we offer.

Custom vinyl signage

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