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Window Frosting – Frosted Vinyl Signage

Window Frosting or Frosted Vinyl Signage Window film is a thin adhesive vinyl film which has been specially designed to give an appearance of frosted or etched glass and makes the glass opaque. It works remarkably well with pattern or logo cutouts on windows and glass doors, perfect for business signage solutions, especially office or reception signage. 

Glass frosting film provides a high level of privacy and helps to protect interiors from prying eyes. Even at night with the lights on it is only possible to make out diffused shapes. It can also be used to hide an unsightly view.

Logo Window Frosting

Logo Window Frosting

Adding your logo with frosted vinyl film to reception or entrance windows is an elegant and understated way of branding your business, office and boardroom windows. From basic cut-out logos to stunning patterns or designs, the options are endless. 

Main Window Frosting – Frosted Vinyl Signage options:

  • Cut out logo – logo is seen in the frosted film.
  • Reverse cut logo – logo is clear or see-through. 
  • Digitally printed frosted film
  • Privacy frosted window film

Office & Block Out Frosting

Custom frosted window decals or solid window frosted film provide an elegant, professional appearance at a low cost and will last up to five years with proper installation and care.

Solid window frosting can be used for security or privacy purposes, making it impossible to clearly see into the office or home windows. Patterns, logos, wording or other designs can be machine cut into these large frosted glass panels, as per your requirements.

Office Block Out Frosting
Decorative Window Frosting

Decorative Window Frosting

Window frosting or frosted vinyl film can be used to great effect to decorate small or large windows and glass doors. Popular in both residential and business signage applications. 

The patterns, shapes or designs are machine cut and removed from the backing paper, leaving only the desired frosted vinyl elements behind. 

Printed Window Frosting

A popular solution is to digitally print your image, logo or artwork directly onto the frosted vinyl film, decals or panels.

The applications and options are endless and can incorporate cut-out elements with the full colour printing to create really interesting and eye-catching frosted film designs.

Printed Window Frosting

Frosted Vinyl Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the Window Frosting or Frosted Vinyl Signage we’ve made and installed in the past

Decorative frosted banding 02
Frosted glass
Etched logo decals for glass doors
Frosted Logo Decals for Glass Doors
Frosted glass vinyl graphics
Frosted glass vinyl graphics 04
Decorative frosted banding
Frosted glass logo
Frosted glass vinyl graphics 02
Privacy Window Film 01
Reverse Frosted Vinyl 01
Printed frosted vinyl window graphics 03
Frosted Logo on Glass Door
Frosted vinyl window graphics
Window Frosting Large
Window Frosting office and business signage
Printed frosted glass vinyl graphics 01
Frosted vinyl window graphics 02
Frosted vinyl window graphics 03
Window Frosting office and business signage 3
Printed frosted glass
Frosted privacy Window Film 02
Printed frosted Logo on Glass Door

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