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Freestanding Pylon & Pole Signs

Freestanding outdoor signage, ground signs, pole signs or pylon signs are detached signs permanently installed in or on the ground and supported by uprights, braces, columns or poles. Ground signs can be used to promote your business, direct traffic, or advertise an upcoming event.

Our custom freestanding pylon or pole signs are suitable for any location obscured from the roadside. Our ground or pole signs are fully customisable to your needs, both in terms of shape, material, and overall style. From small parking or directional signs to large aluminium business or PVC signs, we have the signage solution for you.

Aluminium Pole Signs

Freestanding Aluminium Pole Signs

We custom manufacture freestanding aluminium signage to your requirements and these are often used for directional and other business signage solutions. Aluminium signage boards can be cut to shape, to create something different to your standard square or rectangular signs. 

Vinyl prints or cut out elements can be applied or for something really special we can mount aluminium cut out letters to the backing board to create a 3D effect or look. The poles and frames are made from steel square tubing and sprayed to your required colour or pantone. Anodised or brushed ACM (Dibond) signage boards are then mounted to the structure.

Metal or Chromadek Pole Signs

We custom manufacture affordable freestanding signs, ground signs or pole signs with chromadek metal panels or sheets, based on your specific requirements, single sided, double sided or custom designs. 

From basic parking signs, directional or way-finding signs to large construction and warning signs. These structures are sprayed to your required colour and vinyl prints are applied to the chromadek sheeting.

Chromadek pole and pylon signs
Freestanding PVC pylon sign

PVC Billboard Signs

PVC or vinyl billboard signs are the preferred option for large outdoor signage solutions, with prints that have no size limit and are waterproof and durable. The PVC print is applied, installed or stretched onto the frame structure in various different ways, depending on the actual or specific requirements.

The amount of upright poles and supporting stays are calculated based on the size of the billboard sign as well as the area or location where the sign needs to be installed. Our experienced and professional sales team will advise you on the best solution for your needs. 

Banner Poles

Our banner pole or pole banner units are available in heights of either 6m or 9m. These units include a double sided, PVC print at 2000mm x 650mm in size. We do offer these banner pole units in either a single view, or double view option (2 banners). We do also offer wall mounted and custom options.

This outdoor signage solution is great for road side retail branding and the prints are easily replaceable perfect for your ever changing advertising requirements.

Freestanding Banner Pole Signs
Parking & Directional Pole Signage

Parking & Directional Pole Signs

Parking, directional or way finding pole signs are generally made from steel square tubing and have either a metal/chromadek or aluminium fascia including a full colour vinyl print or vinyl cut out elements.

These ground or pole signs are durable and can be made single or double sided. Our installation teams will help install these freestanding signs with sturdy cement bases, below ground.

Portable Freestanding Signs

We custom manufacture portable or moveable signs based on your specific requirements.

These signs are ideal for both the office or retail sector and specifically where a sign needs to be moved around or brought in at night or when the business is closed.

We manufacture these signs in either steel or aluminium and we have numerous options for the branding elements, from replaceable posters to vinyl prints.

Portable Freestanding Signs

Freestanding Pylon & Pole Sign Portfolio

Here are examples of some of the Freestanding pole and pylon signs we’ve made and installed in the past

Freestanding billboard sign
Freestanding PVC pylon sign
Freestanding pole sign
Chromadek metal pole sign
Freestanding wall sign
Freestanding light box pole sign
Vertical custom banner pole signs
Directional pole sign
Freestanding pole sign
Freestanding PVC pole sign
Outdoor banner pole signs
Freestanding light box pole sign
Chromadek Pole Sign
Portable Freestanding Signs
Aluminium pylon sign
Custom Aluminium Pole Signs
Freestanding Outdoor Signage
PVC billboard pylon sign

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