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Custom Post-it or Sticky Notes

Our custom printed Sticky Notes or Post-it Notes are available in 4 standard sizes or custom shapes and sizes with a choice of how many white sheets you require.

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More info on Custom Sticky Note Printing

Custom sticky note printing or personalised sticky notes are great for home or office. Whether you are writing a to-do list or a simple meeting reminder, we have a range of custom sticky notepads to choose from. Custom post-it’s are great promotional gifts and advertising tools. 

Increase your corporate branding and keep your brand top of mind. Printed Sticky Notepads or Personalised Post-it Notes on your clients’ desk add a subliminal message every time it gets seen or used. Sticky notes are also less expensive than many other branded handouts. They are the perfect give-away for potential clients and can be fully customised.

Custom or Personalised Sticky Notes

To keep die-cutting costs down we have 4 standard sizes that can be ordered with a choice of 25, 50, 100 or any custom amount of sheets per notepad. If you want something unique, simply mail us your requirements and we will quote accordingly. 

Five reasons to choose promotional post-it notes or sticky note pads

  1. Extremely useful product

Corporate branded post-it notes are ideal give-aways as they provide your clients or customers with a useful item, not just something they might throw away. Due to the usability of these sticky notes, most potential clients will actually take your promotional give-away and not just ignore you or your business. 

2. Sticky notes can reach a wide audience

Due to its practical day-to-day use, almost everybody will be interested in receiving your sticky note gift. This in turn leads to your branding being spread far and wide. You are not only reaching the person receiving it, but also all their co-workers, customers and other people that see these branded post-it prints being used around the office or home.

3. Create something different

There is no reason to stick to plain or boring sticky note designs. Promotional post-it notes can be completely customised with a large variety of shapes, sizes and colour options. Depending on your budget and requirements, we can make these prints as bold and noticeable as you wish. We can print these in vibrant colours and eye-catching shapes to compliment your brand or industry. 

4. Great stand-alone promotional product

Often companies feel obliged to give multiple items in their give-aways, like combining a notebook and pen, or lanyard and water bottle. With custom sticky notes there is no need for this as this item is a great stand-alone promotional gift. 

5. Highly cost-effective promotional product

Promotional sticky notes are a relatively low-cost and valuable tool for marketing purposes. 

We also offer a variety of corporate & promotional stationary including sticky note options that can be branded with your logo on the front of the packaging or pad. These do not have the same minimum order requirements but unfortunately each individual page can’t be branded as these are manufactured and imported as a finished product. 

Sticky Note Promotional Gifts

You might also be interested in our custom printed notepads. They are just as useful as sticky notes and can be fully customised. View our Printed Notepad page. 

Custom Notepad Printing

Your event might also require some form of corporate and promotional gifts and clothing. Please feel free to browse our extensive catalogue.

Promotional gifts and clothing

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